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Category: Conservatorship

11 '16

Death of a Conservatee

A general conservatorship usually continues until the conserved person (called the “conservatee”) dies. Courts and conservatorship attorneys avoid the term “permanent conservatorship” because it suggests that the conservatee will never...
02 '16

Can I Recover My Attorney’s Fees?

Litigation is expensive. Although every case is different, it is not uncommon for a case that runs through trial to cost each side hundreds of thousands of dollars in attorney’s...
02 '16

California Fiduciary and Fiduciary Duty Defined

One of the unique aspects of trust, estate, and conservatorship litigation is the fiduciary duties that one party often owes to an opposing party. These arcane terms —“fiduciary” and “fiduciary...
07 '15

Right to an Attorney in Probate Code Proceedings

Most people know that a defendant in a criminal case has a Constitutional right to an attorney. Our clients are often surprised to learn that certain individuals have the right...
10 '12

Fiduciary Compensation in California

This series of three posts examines fiduciary compensation in California. Fiduciaries in California are generally entitled to compensation for their efforts. (By “fiduciaries” we mean executors, conservators, guardians, and trustees.)...