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10 '18

Probate Code 16004.5: Release of Trustee’s Liability

The last steps in a trust administration include: Filing the final income tax return Obtaining an estate tax closing letter from the IRS Calculating and paying the trustee’s final compensation Preparing a...
08 '16

Your Final Estate Plan

What To Do To Make Your Passing Financially Sound Clients typically consider their estate planning at three predictable junctures in their lives: 1. when they first have children and are...
07 '16

How to Transfer Firearms to Trust Beneficiaries

With over 300 million guns in the hands of private citizens in America, it’s not surprising that California trustees often find themselves in the possession of firearms belonging to a...
06 '16

We often warn clients that mental capacity is a double-edged sword

Edge#1 The current litigation involving billionaire media magnate Sumner Redstone illustrates the point. Mr. Redstone, age 93, owns about 80 percent of CBS and Viacom—reportedly a $40 billion media empire....