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Guidance for California Estate and Trust Litigants, Part I: Introduction

We receive many calls from prospective clients who are considering filing an estate, trust, or elder abuse case or are concerned that they may soon become a defendant in such a case. Naturally, we cannot provide legal advice about the merits of a case and the strategy for achieving the client’s goals before we have been hired and performed preliminary research and analysis. But we can provide some initial guidance to potential litigants, which we summarize in this series of posts.

If you are thinking about initiating or responding to an estate, trust, or elder abuse case, we advise you to immediately consider the following:

— Beware the Statute of limitations

— Email kills

— Capacity is a double-edged sword

— There is no happy ending

— Get advice before you say or do anything

We will discuss each of these in subsequent blog posts.

Loren Barr
by Loren Barr
Updated: December 24, 2020

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