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Category: Trust Litigation

11 '17

Online Estate Planning Programs

For many young parents this scenario is familiar: You and your spouse are flying across the country for some family event—a wedding, the death of a relative—and you’re leaving your...
08 '17

Arbitrations v. Class Actions

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau recently finalized a controversial rule that prohibits financial-service companies from including arbitration clauses in their contracts with consumers that block those consumers from joining class...
06 '17

The Limited Effectiveness of “No Contest” Clauses in California Trust & Estate Litigation

A “no contest clause,” according to California Probate Code section 21310(c), is “a provision in an otherwise valid instrument that, if enforced, would penalize a beneficiary for filing a pleading...
10 '16

How Should I Title My House?

If you are a married couple without a living trust, the manner in which you take title to your home can be critical. The three common ways for a married...
06 '16

We often warn clients that mental capacity is a double-edged sword

Edge#1 The current litigation involving billionaire media magnate Sumner Redstone illustrates the point. Mr. Redstone, age 93, owns about 80 percent of CBS and Viacom—reportedly a $40 billion media empire....