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Category: Trust contest

11 '17

Online Estate Planning Programs

For many young parents this scenario is familiar: You and your spouse are flying across the country for some family event—a wedding, the death of a relative—and you’re leaving your...
12 '16

Exclusion of Expert Report That Exceeds Scope of Evidence Code §730 Appointment

This article discusses three ways to attack the report of an Evidence Code §730 expert when the expert’s report goes beyond the scope of the expert’s §730 appointment. California probate...
11 '15

The Prudent Investor Rule for Trustees in Litigation

In the midst of a trust contest or other trust-related litigation, it’s easy for trustees to forget that their duties to the contesting beneficiaries continue notwithstanding the ongoing litigation. A...
07 '15

Guidance to Trustees Regarding Trust Distributions

When we represent trustees, and particularly when some aspect of the trust administration may be disputed, we often advise them to manage the beneficiaries’ expectations about when they will receive...
09 '14

The 8 Stages of California Trust & Estate Litigation: Trial

Although most trust, estate, and elder abuse cases eventually settle, we prepare each case as if it will go to trial. All of the stages previously described in this series...